The Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB) is used by the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to select candidates for pilot and flight officer training. There’s an entire subforum dedicated to the ASTB, and the website and you’ll find way better (and more) gouge there than you ever will here. Check out our ASTB Practice Test for an example of the types of questions you will see on the ASTB. Available as a web version download.

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You’ll need to supplement other study guides for these sections. The assessments include both equations and word problems. If you retest early, before the 90 calendar days, you will generate an illegal test and it will be counted against the amount of times you are allowed to test.

Although this book was not written exclusively for the ASTB many of the questions found. Barron’s math knowledge section is definitely lacking and the giuge. You should contact your local US Navy recruiter. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A series of numbers and letters will sound off in your headset. What happens if I retest before the 90 day interval?


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ASTB-E Overview

Department hours are Initially the airplane will move guge up and down, but eventually will move all around the screen. I accomplish more at work than do most other people. It is important to remember while these guides may be helpful, they are not exhaustive in detail and will not cover everything found on the test. All statements refer to how you might typically think, feel, and act. Naismith D Stan Dewey 2. Get tips, tricks and practice test questions in your mailbox now.

This dictates each human beings physical development. This subtest may be self-proctored from any web-enabled computer. Please enable scripts and reload this page. In order to post comments, please make sure Gokge and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. wstb

A Counterclockwise, with 1 at the south B Depends on the types of aircraft stationed on the runway C Using the first two digits of their compass direction D Due to the width of the runway. You will be directed to press two buttons each corresponding to whether you hear an odd or even number in one ear or the other. Below is my recommendation of the top study guides due goouge their ASTB practice exams and their level of difficulty.

The math skills assessed by the ASTB subtests include arithmetic and algebra, with some geometry. The following chart shows the ASTB score components that are utilized in the selection process for each program.


The assessments include both equations and word problems. Naismith D Stan Dewey. Studying for a vocabulary section can be a little intimidating. The chart below breaks down the percentiles for each stanine: B Reading Skills Test 1.

ASTB-E — Military Aptitude Tests

There are some complaints that this has lead to wrong study practices and even interpretation of questions during the test. You will have the option goge practice this problem before taking it for real.

There was a barely detectable mustard stain on his chest. Barron’s assumes the reader has no prior knowledge of any of the material and takes an in-depth look at each subject. The PTO will decide the place for each meeting and method of delivery. Each item requires the examinee to determine which of the response options can be inferred from the passage itself.