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This section’s tone or style may not reflect assqgioli encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. The function of the middle unconscious can be seen in all spheres of human development, from learning to walk and talk, to acquiring languages, to mastering a trade or profession, to developing social roles. A Collection of Basic WritingsAssagioli writes of three aims of psychosynthesis:.

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Psychosynthesis – Wikipedia

As a result, the movement has been at times exposed to the dangers of fossilisation and cultismso that on occasion, having “started out reflecting the high-minded spiritual philosophy of its founder, [it] became more and more authoritarian, more and more strident in its conviction that psychosynthesis was the One Truth”.

Subpersonalities based in the personal unconscious form a central strand in psychosynthesis thinking. This approach allows for a wide variety of techniques and methods to be used within the psychosynthesis context. Let us examine whether and how it is possible to solve this central problem of human life, to heal this fundamental infirmity of man.


A student of philosophical and spiritual traditions of both East and West, Assagioli sought to address human growth as it proceeded beyond the norm of the well-functioning ego; he wished also to support the blossoming of human potential into what Abraham Maslow [12] later termed self-actualizationand further still, into the spiritual or transpersonal dimensions of human experience as well.

Van Nostrand Company, Inc. As with the lower unconscious, this area is by definition not available to consciousness, so its existence is inferred from moments in which contents from that level affect consciousness.

This “noself” view of “I” can be seen in Assagioli’s discussion of “I” as a reflection of Self: Conscious Self or “I” 6: A five-fold process of recognition, acceptance, co-ordination, integration, and synthesis ‘leads to the discovery of the Transpersonal Self, and the realization that that is the final truth of the person, not the subpersonalities’.

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The Self is one”. A more technical danger is that premature concern with the transpersonal may hamper dealing with personal psychosynthesis: Assagioli was clear that “I” and Self were from one point of view, one. Psychosynthesis “has always been on the fringes of assagiol ‘official’ therapy world” and it “is only recently that the concepts and methods of aswagioli and group analysis have been introduced into the training and practice of psychosynthesis psychotherapy”.

Assagioli by Sofía Chamorro on Prezi

Anticipating today’s neuroscience, Assagioli even referred to “developing new neuromuscular patterns”. Assagioli was not the first to use the term “psychosynthesis”. Assagioli did not of course limit this relationship and dialogue to those dramatic experiences of “call” seen in the lives of great men and women throughout history. It comprises that range of experience related to the threat of personal annihilation, of destruction of self, of nonbeing, and more generally, of the painful side of the human condition.

The reason given is: The relationship of “I” and Self is paradoxical. It is the capacity to form patterns of skills, behaviors, feelings, attitudes, and abilities that can function without conscious attention, thereby forming the infrastructure of one’s conscious life.

Accordingly, Assagioli served on the board of editors for both the Journal of Humanistic Psychology and the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.

Jung wrote to Sigmund Freud of “a very pleasant and perhaps valuable acquaintance, our first Italian, a Dr. Stephen Potter ‘s “Lifemanship Psycho-Synthesis Clinic”, where you may “find the psycho-synthesist lying relaxed on the couch while the patient will be encouraged to walk up and down” [50] would seem a genuine case of ” parallel evolution “, since its clear targets, as “the natural antagonists Toward a Psychology of Being.

But Assagioli also understood that there could be a meaningful relationship between the person and Self as well:. These two models are 1 a diagram and description of the human person, and the other 2 a stage theory of the process of psychosynthesis see below. Orage, who was publisher of the influential The New Age journal, also made use of the term, which he hyphenated as psycho-synthesis.

In addition, psychosynthesis recognizes the process of Self-realization, of contact and response with one’s deepest callings and directions in life, which can involve either or both personal and transpersonal development. Field of Consciousness 5: Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The first stage could be described as ‘having no will ‘ “, [29] and might perhaps be linked with the hegemony of the lower unconscious. Whether within psicosintesiz private inner world of feelings, thoughts, and dreams, or within one’s relationships with other people and the natural world, a meaningful ongoing relationship with Self may be lived.


Psychosynthesis Star Diagram formulated by Roberto Assagioli. Retrieved from ” https: Assagioli termed ‘the sphere of aesthetic experience, creative inspiration, and higher states of consciousness It is not badit is just earlier ‘. This scheme can be called the “stages of psychosynthesis”, and is presented here. Its weakness is that it accepts too much. At the same time, ‘the lower unconscious merely represents psicisintesis most primitive part of ourselves Psychosynthesis departed from the empirical foundations of psychology in that it studied a person as a personality and a soul [4] but Assagioli continued to insist that it was scientific.

Let us see how he may free himself from this enslavement and achieve an harmonious inner integration, true Self-realization, and right relationships with others. A beginning of my conception of psychosynthesis was contained in my doctoral thesis on Psychoanalysisin which I pointed out what I considered to be some of the limitations of Freud’s views. The higher unconscious thus represents ‘an autonomous realm, from where we receive our higher intuitions and inspirations — altruistic love and will, humanitarian action, artistic and scientific inspiration, philosophic and spiritual insight, and the drive towards purpose and meaning in life’.

Assagioli presents the two major theoretical models in his seminal book, Psychosynthesis[13] models that have remained fundamental to psychosynthesis theory and practice through the years. In his major book, Psychosynthesis: It is, in other words, not a new and different light but a projection of its luminous source”. Oragewho were both far closer to Assagioli’s thinking than Putnam.

Psicosintesis: Ser Transpersonal : El Nacimiento de Nuestro Ser Real

The middle unconscious is a sector of the person whose contents, although unconscious, nevertheless support normal conscious functioning in an ongoing way thus it is illustrated as most immediate to “I”. The lead section of this article may need to be rewritten.

None of these important spheres of human existence need be reduced to the other, and each can find its right place in the whole. Kerr, A Dangerous Method pp.