Shop ASCO Series 2-Way Solenoid Valve G /60, /50 and other ASCO products available online at FLW. Series valves are way normally closed internal pilotoperated solenoid valves. Valve bodies are made of rugged aluminum with trim and internal parts. Low Pressure – Air/Inert Gas 2-Way Solenoid Valves. Series. Solenoid pilot operated valves available in normally closed and normally open constructions.

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Use this table to find the right model for your application. All parts are now accessible to clean or replace. S Internal surface of valve bonnet where diaphragm assembly contacts bonnet when valve is in the energized open position.

To prevent the valev of death, serious injury acso property damage, check valve for proper operation before returning to service. Need a smaller valve? Video is a great way to learn about instruments and technology, and it’s available whenever you need it. No minimum operating pressure differential required. Positioning Piping Valve must be mounted ascp solenoid vertical and upright. In the extreme case, faulty valve operation will occur and the valve may fail to open or close.

If valve has been disassembled for inspection and cleaning only and a Rebuild Kit is not being installed, lubricate the following with TFL 50r Dry Lube: A metallic click signifies the solenoid is operating. Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature Click the file icon to view the file online, or right-click on the file icon and 88215 “Save Target As For wrench adapter only order no.


Replace solenoid see separate instructions and make electrical hookup.

It is not necessary to remove the valve from the pipeline for repairs. Avoid pipe strain by properly supporting and aligning piping. For AC Construction, unscrew solenoid base subassembly. Series valves without solenoid, DC Construction. Valve bodies are made of rugged aluminum with trim and internal parts made of steel and stainless steel.

We’ll post videos we create, and those our manufacturer partners share with us, so you don’t have to look in multiple places to find the video training you need. Check nameplate for correct catalog number, pressure, voltage, frequency, and service.

If parts are worn or damaged, install a complete rebuild kit. Solenoid pilot operated aluminum body valves for use in air or inert gas. See separate solenoid installation and maintenance instructions for information on: A successful operating history is the best indication of a proper interval between exercise cycles. Future Service Considerations Provision should be made for performing seat leakage, external leakage, and operational tests on the valve with a nonhazardous, noncombustible fluid after disassembly and reassembly.

Call a Lesman sales specialist at Temperature Limitations For maximum valve ambient and fluid temperatures, refer to chart below.

Thoroughly clean all parts. Check catalog number prefix on nameplate to determine maximum temperatures. Clean periodically depending on service conditions. Installation and valve maintenance to be performed by qualified personnel. In general, if the voltage to the coil is correct, sluggish valve operation, excessive noise or leakage will indicate that cleaning is required.

Clean valve strainer or filter when cleaning the valve. If applied to valve threads the compound may enter the valve and cause operational difficulty. Videos Lesman Instrument Company on YouTube Video is a great way to learn about instruments and technology, and it’s available whenever you need it.



Series valves may be provided with a ascco purpose or explosionproof solenoid enclosure. S Valve seat S Valve body flange where diaphragm assembly contacts the valve body and body gasket. Apply pipe compound sparingly to male pipe threads only.

After maintenance is completed, operate the valve a few times to be sure of proper operation. Don’t see the option you need? Available in normally open or normally closed. Locate wrenches applied to valve body or piping as close as possible to connection point. Pilot disc at aco of core assembly. If you want to print a large file, download it to your PC first. Pressure to valve must be within range specified on nameplate.

Valves: ASCO Valve Series Aluminum Body Two-Way Solenoid Valves

Call to talk to our factory-trained sales team. K which is available for solenoid base subassembly removal or replacement. S Depending on the medium and service conditions, periodic inspection of internal valve parts for damage or excessive wear is recommended. Valve is closed when solenoid is deenergized; open when energized. The time between cleanings will vary depending on the medium and service conditions.