For many decades, the principals and senior management of LPI have been providing specialist lightning protection advice to customers in some of the most. Visit our website and learn more about AS/NZS standards. You may require this Standard if you are an electricity network operator or electrical contractor and intend to: design; construct; commission.

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For telecommunication overvoltages, AS Some special hazard factors also need to be considered. The remaining steps are referred to in the design rules and their application is referred to in subsequent sections. Alternatively, this would mean that it is considered acceptable for such a sa to occur, on average, once every years.

Standards Catalogue

For example, the nature of the burns and the extent of damage to underlying muscle tissue tend to be severe with electric power current, but mild with lightning current. Lightning strike victims are sometimes thrown violently against an object, or are hit by flying fragments of a shattered tree, so first aid treatment may have to include treatment for traumatic injury.

We need your help to maintenance this website. Each year a number of persons are struck by lightning, particularly when outdoors in open space such as an exposed location on a golf course, or when out on the water.

AS – Lightning Protection – Free Download PDF

The recommendations specifically cover the following applications: Description You may be required to comply with this standard if you intend to design, install or operate a small generation unit. The performance of such systems is outside the scope of this Standard.

It is not intended for mandatory application but, if called up in a contractual situation, compliance with this Standard requires compliance with all relevant clauses of the Standard such that the level of protection will be sufficient to achieve a tolerable level of risk as determined by the risk calculation.

Please consult the Contact Officer for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance if any that may be required. Isolated buoys and pylons should be avoided. The pool should be evacuated in a time interval of less than 30 s and people should be directed to a safe shelter nearby.


A code of practice is a set of rules which details how people in a certain industry should behave. Risk assessment for protection of specific conductive electrical services may also be undertaken in isolation based on specific Standards and performance criteria. This standard sets out guidelines for the protection of persons and property from hazards arising from exposure to lightning applicable to a wide range of structures and systems, including small generation units.

These design rules may not apply to some small structures. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Please address your comments to the Chief Executive of either Standards Australia or Standards New Zealand at the address shown on the back cover.

This includes information on the size, material, and form of conductors, the positioning of air terminals and downconductors, and the requirements for earth terminations. You may be required to comply with this standard if you intend to design, install or operate a small generation unit. In addition to the aesthetic considerations, it is usually less expensive to install a lightning protection system during construction than afterwards.

For practical applications of risk assessment, it is useful to distinguish between three basic types of damage that can appear as the consequence of a lightning strike. This involves a choice from a range of protection level efficiencies for protection against direct d ad to the structure and decisions about the extent of other measures for protecting low-voltage and electronic equipment against indirect i lightning stresses incident from nearby strikes. It may also be important to specify other protection measures such as Qs on incoming conductive electrical service lines and internal equipment.

These warnings apply particularly if thunder follows within 15 s of a lightning flash corresponding to a distance of less than 5 nzz. In such a case the tolerable risk, R a for loss of economic value would be set at 10 Renewable energy certificates small-scale technology certificates may be issued after a small generation qs is installed.

For information about these services, users should contact their respective national Standards organization. For a more comprehensive treatment of the subject covered by this Clause—see Paragraph G2, Ref. Subsequent treatment of a lightning strike patient is a specialized area with important differences from the treatment of injuries inflicted by electric power current. Where a new structure is to be erected, the matter of lightning protection should be considered in the planning stage, as the necessary measures can often be affected in the architectural features without detracting from the appearance of the building.


The risk assessment calculator is a simplified tool for the more common structure types. The possible input options are explained in a comment box, which is displayed when the cursor is positioned over the input cell. Tall trees and surrounding buildings may shield a structure from lightning strikes. Please consult the Contact Officer for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance if any that may be required. Standards may also be withdrawn. Unless it has been specified that lightning protection must be provided, the first decision to make is whether the lightning protection is needed.

These may include— a measures limiting step and touch voltages; b measures limiting fire propagation; c measures to mitigate the effects of lightning-induced overvoltages e.

Successive calculations can be performed to observe the effects of various protection measures. The object of this Section is to give a procedure for evaluation of the risk to a structure, people and installations or equipment in, on or connected to the structure.

Alternatively, both organizations publish an annual printed Catalogue with full details of all current Standards. Contact Email, Phone and Address Details for this service in simple two column table format, header then data.

A range of protection measures can be selected to reduce the risk to less than a target value.

That person should keep an eye on the weather and use the appropriate means to obtain localized, advanced weather information. You may require this Standard if you are an electricity network operator or electrical contractor and intend to:. Before any decision is made not to nzz lightning protection to a structure, consideration should be given to the factors outlined in other sections of this Standard. Complying with this standard is not mandatory.

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