You might want to check out Tomekeeper’s upcoming book “Ars Falcis” as a good overview of working with death and death magic; his site kept. Ars Falcis. 4 likes. Book. Ars Falcis. Privacy · Terms. About. Ars Falcis. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started . Ars Falcis is a site about necromancy. No, not raising dead corpses and zombies, but the manipulation of energies that bring about death and.

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Want to add to the discussion? I wouldn’t say complete nonsense, though. Email required Address never made public. My immediate thought is dalcis some sort of direction e. If your post is legitimate, please message the mods. The necromantic shabti is a figure which contains the soul of another being, this can be human or non-human depending on the purpose, reasoning valcis method in which the shabti was created. Here are some books now on my list, though they may or may not include necromancy:.

One can make an offering to the spirit that is being used in return for its assistance. While it is true Ars Falcis does not in itself specifically contain a method of spiritual ar, it does contain a rough outline for one. You can become so attuned with death that your very touch can cause someone to die! Regarding Tomekeeper, I have emailed him at least five times over said 6 or 7 years, with not one response.

Again, a scholarly work on magic as it was practiced historically, and fascinating — but despite the title, there’s only one truly necromantic operation outlined in the manual; “necromancer” is used, here, as a synonym for “nigromancer” or “demonologist”, as was usually the case in the Middle Ages. I’ve not actually read the book, only extracts, so if I’ve got it all wrong I would love to find out.


This can be a lock of hair to a piece of jewellery; the important factor is that it contains their energy.

I did think of including the Falcus of Coming Forth fzlcis Day aka Book of the Deadbut ultimately did not because, as you note, it is mostly spells or rites to aid the dead on their journeys — it has nothing, as far as I remember, regarding any sort of practice the living could do. Guidelines This subreddit seeks to create an environment for the respectful debate and discussion of occult philosophy and metaphysics. The Nature of Soul.

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But then, people change their views with experience, so perhaps he’s focused on different things falics or perhaps he was merely writing about theoretical extremes; or That’s an interesting idea! I’m afraid I am rather leery of anything Tomekeeper puts out; I found his online work to be suspect, to put it charitably.

Maybe I could have been calling down the lightning by now if I’d just stuck with it! Stuff like sleeping next to a corpse, breaking into a crypt, even kissing a corpse I’ll let you know if I find anything.

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You could infer your own rituals by altering those. From what I have read of – at srs shamans – moving through liminal states, the surroundings are varied. File will be sent when requested see email above.

So if you could create a servitor as a vessel for a portion of your own soul such a servitor would be more than a conventional servitor.

Some sort of direction e. I’m interested to hear your thoughts. As surely as we are born, live, and die to crumble back to the dust from which we were wrought, necromantic power is every bit as potent as the healing arts and every bit as damning to those who would attempt to misuse it.


Anyone read the Ender’s Game books? Do not fear death, qrs certainly respect it as a force so dreadfully powerful that its black fires could consume all of humanity in thanatoic holocaust and still be unquenched. I hope that, if anyone is interested in this subject, my summation of what I have found is useful.

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It’s a fascinating hypothesis and one that I hope can gain ground. Plus funerary books are filled with spells to aid the journey of the dead. History rushes with many lengthy parables to forewarn those that would seek power and achieve it only to be consumed by that same force but this is a lesson understood most poignantly by necromancers.

Some transverse this physical realm, spiritualized and compressed so that there is no time, or rather they are reenacting an ancient past. I don’t know of any works on actual Egyptian magical practices, excepting Egyptian Magic by E.

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His “lich form” is stated to be, quite simplly, the complete knowledge of a separated soul and body, with primary reliance on the former for senses etcetera. The soul is something we can’t touch so i can’t really quantify it as “anything” Now no faiths im aware of state that a soul can “die” it faclis packs it’s bags and moves into a new house so to speak.