: Arctic Winds (Alpine Woods Shifters series Book 1) eBook: Sondrae Bennett: Kindle Store. Read Arctic Winds by Sondrae Bennett by Sondrae Bennett by Sondrae Bennett for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and. description: Arctic Winds: Page 8 free online. her favorite book while sipping a cup of tea. “This is so cozy. I’ve never seen a store look this inviting before.”.

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I really hope that Bennett makes a series out of this! She took that time to build up the characters and get me invested in them enought that I was ready to have a celebration for the copulation.

Arctic Winds

I enjoyed watching her grow and begin to trust again. You must log in to edit Sinds Knowledge data. Alpine Woods Shifter, 1 Nothing will stop a wolf once he’s found his mate. HI Sondrae, thanks for the friending and can’t wait for the next book! The story has the damsel in distress Samantha and the alpha male literally in this case, Jason.

I wanted the female wolves to throw up road blocks or the male foxes near by to present some level of real challenge. Samantha grew up in Alaska, not wanted or even loved after her family dies. So now I revise my previous statement. Jun 12, You’ve successfully reported this review. Published January 17th by Lyrical Press first published January 1st Bennett was trying too hard, nor was it too alien to recognize what the words meant right away.


So what didn’t I bejnett

adctic He was so gentle with her emotions, but at the same time was hotness in bed. I will most definately be following this series. Sondrae Bennett Brink of Passion, the next book in my Alpine Woods Shifters series, comes out February 25th, and there’s still plenty of work to do before the release …more Brink of Passion, the next book in my Alpine Woods Shifters series, comes out February 25th, and there’s still xondrae of work to do before the release day.

Participation in the group is greatly encouraged. When we finally see their second date all you discover about their interaction is that she thinks he is funny. They were beautifully written and described and I always love how affectionate wolf shifters are.

Benneht finds himself pulled to Samantha from the moment she faints in his arms. I enjoyed watching him learn to love and understand what a mutual relationship was. I definitely liked the use of alternative but not too odd terminology in the story.

Book subjects will vary. I read this book in a day, it was a very quick read and it made me smile, I even found myself tearing up a little bit. We meet a few family members of Jason’s and the Fox Premier of sondras fox skulk.


Page 8 – Arctic Winds read online free by Sondrae Bennett

Who get into a relationship Bwnnett believe 1 day after she arrives in town and he starts getting an attitude of “oh she’s my mate I ca Now I’m all for the indie authors, and the authors who publish their books through little publishing companies.

I wanted to have more conflict, which probably would have required quite a few more chapters. She unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of goodreads time at the moment, and you’ll get a quicker response from another mod.

Trivia About Arctic Winds Alp I read this in an afternoon. But Jason plans on keeping her around for good; he knows he has found his mate in the little fox.

We are a group for readers, so if you are an author who is only looking to make sales, this probably isn’t the group for you. Refresh and try again. Black Bear Outlaws 2. The characters are great. Can’t wait for the next one!