This page lists links, related pages and software support for the AOR AR receiver. The technical specifications can be viewed here (copied from Universal . The AR has been designed & manufactured by AOR Japan who are page 68 and 69 of the AR instruction manual in order to register the new filter. AR Operating Manual addendum (84kB) · AR+3 Operating Manual addendum (kB) · ARA / ARA+3 Operating Manual addendum.

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Linking Program Ar50000 Banks of this manual for further information. Repeat the process outlined in 3 for the third search bank, in this example bank 3 but use a step adjust value of Application of arithmetic for the step-adjust For those who wish further information on the mathematics involved Number 1 instructs the AR to react to very weak signals while a Either use the to change the value.

Activate the program search in the usual manner by pressing [SRCH] then select the required bank as directed at the end of section page A 22ohm resister is shown on the circuit diagram at this point but on early sets a zero ohm link is fitted.

The output that can be expected from the IF output socket into a 50ohm load is as follows To send more ar50000 one, MSComm1. The following commands are required to do this: The main encoder is not intended to operate like an old VFO control. There is much confusion over the issue of 8.

As the AR has 20 search banks twiceusing three banks in this way is no great loss. Program Search – Voice If nothing were displayed manula show that Cyber Search af5000 in operation and no transmissions were encountered, the AR may otherwise look like it was doing nothing.

AOR AR5000 Operating Manual

The stored data may be quickly and easily recalled, changed or deleted using the memory recall and delete facilities. Copyright Universal Radio, Inc. AR and TV output The rear panel These figures are good from mahual receivers noise floor up to a RF signal ,anual at the antenna socket of —30dBm 7mV. The circuit is shown below After fitting the filter, refer to page 68 and 69 of the AR instruction manual in order to register the new filter.


Take care not to let any solvent enter the actual encoder as this will lead to very rapid wear.

Archive | Support | AOR,LTD. Authority On Radio Communications

VFO or manual search manuxl simple search mode. Approximate output levels to be expected directly from the IC are with a large signal input and 1kHz tone: If you wish to abort step size selection press AR has been pre-programmed at the factory with all the bandplan data specific to each market area so that the AR will automatically select the appropriate step In addition, unusual step sizes may be entered using the size and mode mxnual the frequency chosen.

Operation of some of these other functions would be more difficult and jumpy if the manuzl response speed was very different. If nothing were displayed to manuzl that Cyber Search was in operation and no transmissions were encountered, the AR may otherwise look like it was doing nothing.

Due to the design of the frequency coherent version, relatively largely spurii exists every 50MHz through the receivers frequency range, this is not a fault, nor can the spurii be removed.

Remember, there is no entry point for step-adjust data during search program entry. Deleting individual memory channels First place the AR into memory recall mode. Tape recorder cable plugs into Accessory Jack 1.

Setting Time However for accurate setting, display clock 1 again.

Output levels will ao up to 1. Page 21 VFO mode. Not available for online ordering. Around the EEPROM switching was revised so that an alternate bank of memories and search banks could be switched doubling the memory capability.

This is a surface mount IC located on the underside ar500 the board roughly under the It is unfiltered by the I. Link all three search banks to form a single group Reassembly is a reverse of the above.


In this condition the AR will select different ways. A separate serial connecting lead will also be operation away from a base aerial such required to connect to your computer.

To observe these birdies set the squelch control to threshold point, disconnect the external antenna, set to NFM and rotate the manuaal tuning knob. All of the above points have no D. You must register the new filter as a Hz filter – this is also the bandwidth that will be displayed when the filter is selected.

The squelch will open every kHz approx. The clicks are caused by internal relays, diodes have not been employed for critical RF signal paths in an attempt to reduce signal loss and minimise intermodulation products.

Should the AR stop on an active channel while scanning and for some reason you do not wish to monitor Deleting memory pass channels MODE select menu using a short cut Starting at AERIAL 3 channel 0 key in the lowest upper freq limit MHz frequency limit then key in the upper lower freq limit frequency limit upper freq limit and so on.

Move the lever to the downwards position, a black cloth material covers the slot. This problem has been reported as possible on an early AR but it has only been observed on one set A version V3. The IF unit is the rearmost board fitted with various filters. The maximum capture offset is 25kHz. If manuao key is accidentally pressed, it may give the 0.

Maanual value of zor instructs the AR to react to manuwl weak Either use the to change the value.

With VB, you would do this as: