). Altought most of brazilian beef production comes from grazing systems, ), representing almost 10% of the slaughters in Brazil (ANUALPEC, ). Description. You can download anualpec on the site When compared with finishing on pastures, feedlot is very little expressive in Brazil. ). It accounted for the largest bovine herd in the country in . accounts for % of calves produced in Brazil (ANUALPEC ).

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This decision is also supported by the observation of the superiority of the mean and the minimum value of kg weight in relation to the kg Table 3. Risk assessment of finishing beef cattle in feedlot: Increases in feeding time in feedlots Restle et al.

Animals slaughtered withor kg were fed diets containing a roughage: International Journal of Project Management A avaliao de Jos Vicente Ferraz, diretor tcnico da Informa Economics FNP, consultoria que faz um balano anual do setor h anialpec anos por meio da publicao Anualpec, especializada na pecuria.

Construction Management and Economics Palisade Corporation, New York. All costs were estimated per animal.

Anualpec 2011 download

Strategies to promote farm animal welfare in Latin America and their effects on carcass and meat quality traits. The animals presented carcasses with average subcutaneous fat thickness of 3. In simulation analysis, one of the 0211 of using the probability distribution is to facilitate the interpretation of risk, allowing decision makers to choose more safely whether or not to invest in projects.

Conclusions The use of input variables correlation improves the estimates of the output variable, Net Present Value, producing more consistent results than simulations that disregard such relationship amongst variables. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia The same may also apply to the extra N 2 O emissions resulting from N fertilizer additions and those emissions related to O Anualpec online, te d acesso s principais atualizaes estatsticas do mercado pecurio de forma rpida e simples facilitando suas consultas e tomadas de decises.

Journal of Animal Science The diet was calculated according to NRCcontaining American Economic Review Other operating expenses such as maintenance of infrastructure, machinery, implements and equipment, fuel, electricity, freight, taxes and feeding workforce were estimated as 2.

Thus, the advantage of using the correlation between input variables aiming to simulate the variable output is evident, obtaining more accurate estimate of the degree of risk associated with the investment. Results In interpreting the financial indicator NPV, zero or greater values indicate that the initial investment is fully recovered at a given discounted rate. Depreciation of infra-structure, machinery, implements and equipment were calculated for a planning horizon of one year. Without the use of the correlation between input variables, the sensitivity analysis of the simulated NPV Table 7 showed little difference in ranking of the items, but with significant changes in the regression coefficients, in which the estimated values were lower than the analysis with correlation.


Nutrient requirements of beef cattle. To calculate the production cost of corn silage, we considered the yield of For each slaughter weight, this analysis was performed with or without Spearman correlation between the cost items that had certain probability distribution input variables Tables 2 and 3. Rules for ordering uncertain prospects.

Anualpec 2011 pdf

The intended slaughter weights wereand kg, and the actual slaughter weights wereand kg, respectively. In another study, Yang used a the Monte Carlo simulation to provide a general method for incorporating correlations between cost items in the cost estimation process and found that the impact of the correlations was significant, and when neglected, caused serious problems such as increase in SD and underestimation of the unit cost of the project.

Further studies in other areas of research have estimated the impact on simulated results with or without the correlation. Analyzing the NPV of slaughter weights considering the correlation amongst the input variables Table 4there is a negative mean, median and mode for kg, while for the weights of and kg, mean, median, mode and SD were more favorable. During the winter, the animals were kept on pasture intercropping of Avena strigosa Schreb and Lolium multiflorum Lam.

This procedure generated standardized regression coefficients Hamby,removing the influence of the units and placing all parameters at the same level. The correlation amongst the input variables was also evaluated in the simulation of the financial indicator to check for robustness results.

Further studies evaluating feedlot finishing have also demonstrated the low relevance of fixed costs, and showed that two items of variable costs were the most representative in relation to the total cost: Mun and Albright et al.

Assessing the risk of beef cattle feedlot, Resende Filho et al.

In the criterion of stochastic dominance of first order, investments for investors who prefer higher returns are selected; in the stochastic dominance of second order, selected investments for investors who prefer high returns and low risk are selected. Thus, aspects of the economic viability can vary widely, because larger weights result in longer feeding time, and consequently an increase in operating expenses.


Author links open overlay panel Mateus J the surplus is destined for export Anualpec, Simulations of NPV considering the correlation amongst the input anualpeec produced more consistent estimates of this financial indicator than simulations anyalpec disregarded it.

Anualpec download

The interpretation of the statistics of the simulated NPV Table 3 is of great value in decision making; regardless of whether or not the correlation is used, feeding animals to reach kg proved to be the worst investment option among the three slaughter weights evaluated. Information of animal performance and experimental diet roughage and concentrate was used in the calculations of production costs as well as in the anua,pec of financial indicator.

The use of input variables correlation improves the estimates of the output variable, Net Present Value, producing more naualpec results than simulations that disregard such relationship amongst variables. Therefore, the slaughter weight of kg presented the highest return and the lowest risk among all evaluated slaughter weights.

Quantifying the risk means determining all the possible values a variable can assume and the relative possibilities of each value Palisade,in which decision making is made easier with the use of simulation techniques using software added on electronic spreadsheets, the Monte Carlo simulation being one of the most common Mun, Finishing cattle in feedlots is a practice whose main benefits are the intensification of beef production per area, management of carcass weight and finishing, planning ahead the marketing season and indirect benefits to the complete cycle of the production system.

All the values were within the minimum required by the meatpacking industry three mmenabling the commercialization of cattle with any slaughter weight studied. In the period prior to the beginning of the feedlot finishing phase, the animals were raised on native pasture in the summer, consisting primarily of Eragrostis plana Nees, Paspalum notatumAxonopus affinis and Desmodium incanum. However, for slaughter weights of and kg, there was second order stochastic dominance, because there are times that intersections occur between the accumulated values.

Revista Brasileira de Economia The risk analysis showed that kg slaughter weight presented the lowest risk for finishing cattle in feedlots when compared with and kg.