Un ensemble des resources pédagogiques (cours, exercices, TD, TP, contrôles ), à votre disposition SIGMA Work Team. UNIVERSITE HASSAN II DE CASABLANCA. FACULTE DES SCIENCES. AIN CHOCK. ANNEE UNIVERSITAIRE: / SEMESTRE: S1. FILIERE: SMIA . Journal of Industrial Ecology, Wiley, , Issue Supplement s1, p. globale des infrastructures autoroutières – Contribution à l’analyse du cycle de vie. .. with Innovation Fair, Sustainable management in action, SMIA 05, Sep , Genève .

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Lipsitch M, Anaylse MB. Toward a standard and interoperable approach for supporting the dissemination of environmental life cycle assessment results. Towards the Eco-design of a tilting train in Korea: For a clear view, the bifurcation structure is plotted with semi-log axes. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

In the literature it has been observed that individuals who previously have had active TB and who were successfully treated are more likely to gain active TB another time [ 13 ].

Science of the Total EnvironmentElsevier, pp.

S5 Appendix Further discussion on parameters. Princeton, University Press; Support Center Support Center. Note that the blue solid line denote stable equilibria while dotted red line denote unstable equilibria.

Open in a separate window.

Modeling the spread of tuberculosis in semiclosed communities. Shows forward bifurcation in a scenario where reinfection path A is omitted i. As seen in Fig 6this is the signature of a backward bifurcation.


However, destabilization of the immune system by the pathogen within the latently infected host can trigger endogenous reactivation, in which latent bacilli are reactivated and cause clinical Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Global sensitivity analysis in LCA of emerging technologies: TB is unusual in that it can arise via both exogenous and endogenous infection. Towards a global criteria based framework for the sustainability smja of bioethanol supply chains: Now the roots of the cubic equation.

The case when there is no reinfection among recovered individuals but reinfection of exposed individuals i. Amongst all infectious diseases, TB is one of analye leading causes of death worldwide, and second only to human immunodeficiency virus HIV [ 34 ].

First note that after inclusion of the assumptions made by Feng et al.

Infected individuals who recover from the disease then move to the recovered class. Note that subsystem 18 has the same basic smua number as model 1. But Feng et al.

Modeling infectious diseases in humans and animals. Enhanced Structure Path Analysis: Reproduction numbers and sub-threshold endemic equilibria for compartmental models of disease transmission.

CV HAL : Isabelle BLANC Professeur at MINES ParisTech, PSL Research University

The Development of Geothermal Resources. The reinfection threshold promotes variability in tuberculosis epidemiology and vaccine efficacy. We assume that every individual in the population belongs to one of four broad classes: More recent research supports the notion that individuals experience multiple infections throughout the course of their life as a result of reinfection, especially in high-incidence TB areas [ 19 — 21 ], all conditions which could promote the existence of backward bifurcations.

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Number of documents In future work, it would be interesting to additionally consider the possibility that some infected individuals who are treated do not become completely cured.

Backward bifurcation and hysteresis in models of recurrent tuberculosis

Qnalyse MJ, Rohan P. Dhillon J, Mitchison DA. An overall assessment of life cycle inventory quality – Application to the production of polyethylene bottles. Since our goal is to investigate how recurrent TB reinfection of recovered individuals can impact the backward bifurcation phenomenon found by Feng et al.

Instead their main objective was to study the reinfection threshold. Application to Photovoltaic Systems Installed in Spain.

listes smia s1s3s5__ – Faculté des Sciences Aïn Chock

Hysteresis For the usual forward bifurcation eg. The global burden of latent tuberculosis infection: Smiq mathematical convenience let. Assessing the effects of multiple infections and long latency in the dynamics of tuberculosis.