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The first step in chaotic time series analysis is the state space reconstruction which needs the determination of the embedding dimension. Alekslc embedding dimension for phase space reconstruction using a geometrical construction.

There are many publications on the applications of techniques developed from chaos theory in estimating the attractor dimension of meteorological systems, e. A method of embedding dimension estimation based on symplectic geometry.

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The proposed algorithm of estimating the minimum embedding dimension is summarized as follows: However, in the multivariate case, this effect has less importance since fewer delays are used. Extracting qualitative dynamics from experimental data. laeksic

Log In Sign Up. Optimum window size for time series prediction.

As a practical case study, this method is used for estimating the embedding dimension of the climatic embeding of Embeddding city, and low dimensional chaotic behavior is detected.

Estimating the dimension of weather and climate attractors: On the other hand, computational efforts, Lyapunov exponents estimation, and efficiency of modelling and prediction is influenced significantly by the optimality of embedding dimension. The smoothness property of the reconstructed map implies that, there is no self-intersection in the reconstructed attractor.


Measuring the strangeness of strange attractors.

Deterministic chaos appears in engineering, biomedical and life sciences, social sciences, and physical sciences in- cluding many branches like geophysics and meteorology. Determination of embedding dimension using multiple time series based on singular value decomposition.

The embedding space is reconstructed by fol- lowing vectors for both cases respectively: For example, the meteorology data are usually in multi-dimensional format. Zleksic Rev A ;36 1: Estimating the dimensions of weather and climate attractor. Typically, it is observed that the mean squares of prediction errors decrease while d increases, and finally converges to a constant.

Based on the discussions in Section 2, the optimum embedding dimension is selected in each case. These errors will be large since only one fixed prediction has been considered for all points.

This method is often data sensitive and time-consuming for computation [5,6].

Estimating the embedding dimension

The method which is presented in this paper for estimating the embedding dimension is in the latter category of the above approaches. J Atmos Sci ;50 Troch I, Breitenecker F, editors. Therefore, the estimation of the attractor embedding dimension of climate time series have a fundamental role in the development of analysis, dynamic models, and prediction of the climatic embeddinv.

The dstimating basic approaches are as follow. Some definite range for embedding dimension and degree of nonlinearity of the polynomial models are considered as follows: Dkmension, Solitons and Fractals 19 — www. Fractal dimensional analysis of Indian climatic dynamics.


The sim- ulation results are summarized in Table 5 Panel c. However, the convergence setimating r with increasing d reconfirms the chaotic property of the time series under consideration.

Therefore, the first step aleksi prediction error for each transition of this point is: This data are measured with sampling time of 1 h and are expressed in degree of centigrade.

In this subsection, the climate data of Bremen city, reported in the measuring station of Bremen University, is considered. As a practical case study, in the last part of the paper, the developed algorithm is applied to the climate data of Bremen city to estimate its attractor em- bedding dimension. There are several methods proposed in the literature for the estimation of dimension from a chaotic time series.

The proposed algorithm In the following, by using the above idea, the procedure of estimating the minimum embedding dimension is pre- sented. Ataeibl iat. Therefore, the optimality of this dimension has an important role in computational efforts, analysis of the Lyapunov exponents, and efficiency of modeling and prediction.

The mean squares of these errors for all the points of attractor are also different values in these two cases. This order is the suitable model order and is selected as minimum embedding dimension as well.