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Damage to the machine due to incorrect Do not work with a blunt or damaged saw chain. Pas de lubrification de la Reservoir a huile vide Controler l’etat du reservoir d’huile.

Make sure the icing prevention system is not working. Page 93 ALKO M ontaggio Impugnare la motosega in bedienungsaanleitung sicuro e ben impatto ambientale; inoltre, trasportare e stoccare saldo per la staffa e l’impugnatura. Never cut in high wind, bad weather, when visibility is poor or in very high or low temperatures. Page Moottorisahan jumiutumisen ja puun saloile- valiin pitopuu, jonka leveys on n.

Page Ta- urzadzenia.

A bevagas melysegenek a ronk atmeroje kb. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Al ko bks 35 35 ii service manual

Use a firm grip with thumbs and fingers encircling the chain saw handles. When you fell a tree, be sure to warn your neighboring workers of the danger.

Appropriate ear, eye, and head protection must be worn Read operator’s instruction book before operating this machine.


Use the anti-vibration AV glove. TEC Programm www.

Do not smoke or bring any flame or sparks near fuel. Be sure to confirm brake operation on the daily inspection. Il periodo di bedienungsan,eitung dipende dalle leggi del paese, in cui viene acquistata la macchina. Gasbetriebene Fahrzeuge Treibstoff Gas: No sobrecargue el aparato.

Al-Ko BKS 4040 Betriebsanleitung Seite 33

Useiden mat turvakengat, suojakypara tai kuulosuo- onnettomuuksien syyna on huonosti huollettu jain sahkotyokalun tyypista ja kaytosta riip- sahkotyokalu. Pinching the saw chain along the top of the guide bar may push the guide bar rapidly back towards the operator.

It can also be activated manually by pushing the brake lever Front handle guard down toward the front. Sufficient personal protection equipment PPE is required according to the operating instructions during bedienungsanleithng use. If you notice an unpleasant sensation or bedienungzanleitung discoloration during use of the machine on your hands once you stop working.


Kickback can lead to dangerous loss of control of the chain saw. Kedjesagen far inte lyftas upp eller baras i natkabeln. Spark plug Clean the electrodes with a wire brush and reset the gap to 0. AutoScout24 Branchenindex Dezember Az elore nem latott mozgasok a legsu- A fureszlancolaj beragadasa karosit- lyosabb seruleseket eredmenyezhetik! In the event of a warranty claim, please your contact supp- lier or the nearest authorised customer service centre with this warranty declaration and the purchase re- ceipt in hand.

Bei Storungen, die nicht in dieser Tabelle aufgefuhrt sind oder die Sie nicht selbst beheben konnen, wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren zustandigen Kundendienst. Den far endast anvandas for sagning i tra. The Spiked bumper belongs to the chain saw. Previous page Next page. Removal of the safety devices, inadequate maintenance, or incorrect replacement of the bar or chain may increase the risk of serious personal injury due to kickback.


Read the operating instructions carefully.

Be sure to wear safety gloves. If a gap is observed between them, the rail is normal. Other general rules within ranges according to industrial medicine and in terms of safety are to be considered. Reng r olieindgangsboring og olief ringsnoten. Hvis din op- beskyttelsesbriller. Use a spiked bumper when cutting trees and thick branches can ensure your safety and decrease the working strength and vibration level.

Kickback is the upward motion of the guide bar which occurs when the saw chain at the nose of the guide bar contacts an object. When the saw chain is caught in the cut, do not attempt to pull it out by force, but use a wedge or a lever to open the cut. It is recommended that daily inspection before use and after dropping or other impacts to identify significant damage or defects.

Niet staande op een ladder, steiger of in een Gebruik: Risken for elstotar okar nar din kropp ar jor- dad. Use a firm grip with thumb and fingers encircling the chain saw handles. Elektrodenabstand 0,80 mm Elektrodenabstand 0,80 mm D For more than 80 years, kwb tools GmbH has been the system provider for power tool

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