In this answer, purity of ghee is tested by comparing home made ghee with store bought ghee. Store bought ghee is adulterated with three main ingredients. Learn about adulteration of ghee, types of adulterants, detection of adulterants in ghee. Buy unadulterated Pure Desi Ghee at VedicGiftShop. Detection of adulteration of ghee (clarified milk fat) with palm olein and sheep body fat using Reichert-Meissl (RM) value coupled with solvent.

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Tests that can be done at home There are several tests that can be done at home to test the purity of ghee. J Nat Sci Biol Med. Test for adulteration with sweet potato, mashed potato and other starches Item required: According to Ayurveda, ghee promotes intellect, is good adulferation bone health and digestion of food. Ghee has an abundance of saturated fatty acids which are easy to digest.

Mixture of ghee and tallow in different proportions ranging from 9: A test tube with a stopper or a small clear bottle with cap preferably sterilisedconcentrated hydrochloric acid, a small quantity of sugar. Homemade ghee will not have any undesirable additives. As ghee can be easily adulterated, a few tests at home can help you ensure that what you are using is not harming you. Support Center Support Center.

Though the laboratory tests are more accurate in determining adulteration, for finding out the suitability of consumption the home tests will suffice. Behavior of unsaponifiable matter on chromatograms. Ghee had fallen into disfavour as a cooking medium during the last few decades as it was not considered to be a good quality fat.

Test for adulteration with old and rancid ghee This test requires chemicals that are not usually found at home. The study reports a rapid, sensitive, cost-effective derivative spectrophotometric method for detection of tallow adulteration in cow ghee.


When it starts releasing a nutty aroma, you know that the ghee is ready. Thus, it is said to promote positivity, growth and expansion of the consciousness and detoxify the body.

Simple Tests To Check Purity Of Your Ghee At Home

To make ghee at home, we need to get the milk from a reliable source so that the milk itself is not adulterated. Today, the ideal diet is considered to be a combination of ghee and other oils adulreration that the body can have the benefits of both. Cow ghee was prepared in-house from pure cow milk.

The data reveals that there are clear differences in the second order derivative spectra of tallow and cow ghee. Continued heating until the solids adulterattion toasted not burnt and turns a light brown colour. In the human body, bacteria convert the fibre that we consume to butyric acid and use that for energy and to support the intestinal wall.

Remember, ghee is expensive, especially when compared to vegetable oils and other animal fats. This decrease shows consistent linearity suggesting its potential applicability for quantitative estimation of tallow in cow ghee.

But before we discuss the tests that can be conducted at adultertion, let us look at the other benefits of using ghee.

Detection of tallow adulteration in cow ghee by derivative spectrophotometry

There are several tests that can be done at home to test the purity of ghee. Correlation of tallow concentration in ghee with the ratio of absorbance. It also contains other fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D and K2, which are usually lacking in the diet otherwise, and many of the minerals that are needed by our bodies.

Adulteration is, therefore, a real threat. The milk should be whole and not skimmed.


There are other tests that need to be conducted in a laboratory environment. It contains a good amount of beta-carotene and vitamin E which are antioxidants. Among reported techniques, ultraviolet fluorescence and paper chromatography technique are not that much sensitive while other methods require sophisticated adulteratiin facilities such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and costly analytical processes.

One gram of pure ghee and tallow were taken separately, melted by warming, 10 ml chloroform analytical grade from Merck India was added, sonicated for 15 min to make it homogenous and were used as stock solution. The present paper deals with a promising spectroscopic method to determine the tallow adulteration in cow ghee.

Data was analyzed using data points each for slope calculation through PerkinElmer Data processor and viewer software to obtain second order derivative absorption spectra.

Indicated values for commonly used parameters to un pure and adulterated ghee materials are many a fhee overlapping. The details of these two peaks, absorption wavelength and the corresponding absorbance is presented in Table 1. Butyric acid in the gut supports the production of T-cells which are the cells that fight infections and bacteria. Evaluation must be efficient in evaluating the quality of ghee on the basis of physical characteristic.

Melt a small quantity of ghee in a vessel. Even then, ghee remained the preferred medium for special dishes on special occasions. To make ghee, the fat or cream from the milk can be skimmed off after the milk is boiled and cooled. Woodhead Adulteartion Limited; Appearance of crimson colour i the adulteration of ghee with sesamum oil.