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ADP / ADRP – Mission Command Flashcards by Wayne Hollis | Brainscape

Positive control requires active command participation. However, they do not micromanage. Upon completion of the initial order, planning continues as leaders revise the plan based on changing circumstances. Intuitive decisionmaking is reaching a conclusion through pattern recognition based on knowledge, judgment, experience, education, intelligence, boldness, perception, and character. This understanding helps commanders and staffs develop effective plans, assess operations and make quality decisions.

It has its own objectives. ADP updates the tasks. They are contests of wills characterized by continuous and mutual adaptation by all participants. The principles of mission command assist commanders and staff in balancing the art of command with the science of control.

During operations, commanders may have to intervene, if the tactical risk is too great for the benefits expected. The staff studies the operational environment, identifies information gaps, and helps the commander develop and answer information requirements.

Conduct knowledge management and information management. Gain insight into what is expected of them Understand why mission is being conducted Exercise disciplined initiative within its overarching guidance Commanders articulate the overall reason for the operation so forces understand why it is being conducted.


Commanders realize that teams and teamwork are crucial to success.

See ADP for information on the operations process. Mission command emphasizes centralized intent and dispersed execution through disciplined initiative. Although staffs perform many tasks, they use knowledge and information management practices to provide commanders the information they need to create and maintain their understanding and make effective decisions.

60- Integrating Processes CH It fuels understanding and fosters initiative. Social — individuals and organizations interconnected by a common interest Technical — allow sharing of resources and information Social and technical networks enable commanders to communicate information and control forces, leading -60 successful operations.

Commanders understand that some decisions must be made quickly at the point of action. Military forces interact with the civilian populace during operations. However, commanders have an obligation to conserve all resources.

New Army Terms Table D As an art, command requires exercising judgment. Preparing begins during planning and continues through execution. Leaders and subordinates exercise disciplined initiative to create opportunities.

Commanders analyze their operational environment to understand what is needed and allocate resources. Staffs use information and knowledge management to provide commanders the information they need to create and maintain their understanding and make effective decisions.

Processes and procedures govern actions within a mission command system to make it more effective and efficient.

ADP 6-0 and ADRP 6-0 Mission Command

Changes reflect lessons learned over the past 10 years of sustained adep combat. The staff uses information management to assist the commander in building and maintaining understanding. Under Army regulations and doctrine, an individual, not an institution or group, commands. The mission orders technique does not mean commanders do not supervise subordinates in execution.


ADRP 6-0 MISSION COMMAND Flashcards Preview

This linear form of communication is inadequate for mission command. Knowledge Management CH 4: When given sufficient arp, they can accomplish assigned tasks in a manner that fits the situation. Civil affairs operations are usually conducted by civil affairs forces due to the complexities and demands for specialized capabilities. The science of control is based on objectivity, facts, empirical methods, and aadrp.

Successful commanders allow subordinates to learn through their mistakes and develop experience.

ADRP MISSION COMMAND Flashcards by Andrew Green | Brainscape

Six tasks stood out as most frequently used and most useful — the six on left. Information Information fuels understanding and decisionmaking Commanders establish information requirements and use CCIR to set priorities for collecting relevant Information must be relevant: They allocate enough resources to subordinates so they can accomplish their missions.

ADP Information systems enable information sharing Staffs use information systems to: