Smith Meter® AccuLoad and AccuLoad III are trademarks of FMC The default or operating values used in this manual and in the program of the AccuLoad III. AccuLoad III High Speed Prover Output · AccuLoad III Vapor Recovery Application Bulletin · AccuLoad IIInet Application Manual · AccuLoad III-S N4 Hardware. The default or operating values used in this manual and in the program of the Smith Table of Contents iii. Volume Accuracy – Preset Amount Type.

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See Installation Manual MN for additional details. Each time a transaction is ended and a new transaction is begun, the AccuLoad III will start a new prove with Step In the event that the meter factor is not successfully downloaded, the AccuLoad Manuak will display a message indicating that the meter factor was rejected. If multiple arm operation is selected, the process is repeated for each load arm defined. The card reader interface supports up to cards with firmware and acculoax.

Facilities described may or may not be supported More information. The NeXpose Scan More information. The operation described in this section assumes that the AccuLoad is being operated locally through the keypad.

Converters acculoax Contents Overview and Features The customer can choose whether to track transactions and print reports for each individual load arm, or to track transactions and print a single report for all load arms on a bay. The F1 key selects the load arm to be actively displayed on the top viewport.


The ratio of varying products is designated in the recipe as a percentage of the total preset. Dartford Plug in slots K When the operator enters the preset, the AccuLoad III automatically calculates the actual volumes of each product to be delivered.

For purposes of determining valid arm combinations, a side-stream blending arm can be considered a two-product ratio blending arm, as both require the same resources.

One arm may be in Run mode while the other is in Ready mode, or both arms may be in Run or Ready mode simultaneously. Optimum measurement accuracy is attained through continuous linearization of the meter factor with changes in flow rates. Amnual an alarm is not a system alarm, the other load arm may continue to prepare for a transaction, start the transaction, and run it without interference.

Specifications Document Revision 1. In split screen mode, load arms 1 and 2 appear side by side, with a black border around the active view.

Coordinated to the flowmeters and their More information. A contact is available to start and stop a pump or msnual electrically operated equipment as well as a program code that will set the time delay of that start or stop. The option uses Com port 4 and only works with communications. A single parameter sets this timeout value, but both physical displays maintain their own timeout counter and operate independent of the other physical display. Installation and Operational Manual P.

Smith Meter AccuLoad III – PDF

The AccuLoad provides manuao vapor product total and a net mass total between the liquid product meter and the vapor product meter in the system.


The AccuLoad III contains the intelligence to automatically reduce the flow of product and ensure the flow is within the pumping capabilities of the system. Delivery screens are similar to those shown below, whether the load arm is a single preset, a sequential blender, or a ratio blender. Make sure the wifi unit is connected the following way on the.

The zoom of the physical display is maintained as the focus changes. Up to 24 different additive injectors can be simultaneously paced or controlled through communications. Using the interface More information. The actual alarm message is displayed on the screen, and wrapped to the next line if necessary. The abstract More information. Connection Port More information.

Recipes must be selected before the meter factors, since the recipe determines the product being proved.

Smith Meter AccuLoad III

Maintenance Recommended backup battery replacement interval – 5 years. Note that the most recent value for this entry will be displayed. Two to six meters may be used to create a ratio blend. Upon successful connection, the SMPT client will issue an with the text of the alarm event. The AccuLoad also has the capability of providing an average meter factor over a maximum of ten proves.

Energy saving system in.

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