Functionally based on the Intel device Five 4-bit peripheral ports: P60, P70 Two control signals: CS, Details, datasheet, quote on part number: IC Datasheet, PDF, Data sheet, manual, pdf, , datenblatt, Electronics , alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, data sheet. Integrated Circuits – ICs are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Integrated Circuits – ICs. MCU 16 I/O 16K FLASH 1K SRAM. Datasheet, Non-Stocked Lead-Time 28 Weeks.

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W – Optical Wipe – Pre-saturated Wipes | MG Chemicals

Generally, low inductor values produce a broader efficiency vs. The maximum power dissipation can be calculated by the following formula: Devices are ESD sensitive. When VOUT1 is higher than the switch over threshold 4. LGATEx is forced high. First, the frequency can be selected to avoid noise sensitive regions such as the kHz IF band.

Indicates that the product is suitable for gas supply systems PN: The derating curve in Figure 8 allows the designer to see the effect of rising ambient temperature on the maximum power dissipation. The topology circumvents the poor load transient timing problems of fixed frequency current mode PWMs while avoiding the problems caused by widely varying switching frequency in conventional constant on-time and constant off-time PWM schemes.

Richtek’s Mach ResponseTM technology provides fast response to load steps.

Once in shutdown, the 1. It occurs only in PWM mode when the inductor current reverses at light or negative load currents.


All internal circuitry is inactive during thermal shutdown. If there’s an overload on the charge pump in which SECFB can not reach more than ratasheet feedback threshold, the controller will enter Ultrasonic Mode.

The device is not guaranteed to function outside its operating conditions. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions may affect device reliability.

In reverse, when the output current increases from light load eatasheet heavy load, the switching frequency increases to the preset value as the inductor current reaches the continuous conduction. A high-to-low transition on the PROG input signifies that the address and control bits are available on the P20 port, and a low-to-high transition signifies that data are available on the P20 port.

H&V Awards 2018 Winner

These effects are the largest contributors to the change of frequency with changing load current. Note that latching LGATEx high will cause the output voltage to dip slightly negative due to previously stored energy in the LC tank circuit. Choose a current limit resistor according to the following equation: As the output current decreases from heavy-load condition, the inductor current is also reduced, and eventually comes to the point that its current valley touches zero, which is the boundary between continuous conduction and discontinuous conduction modes.

Pipes to be used Copper pipes for sanitary installations according to EN Quality guaranteed and expert technical support Replacement or refund for products not performing as stated on the datasheet Valid for 12 months from date of delivery Response to your inquiry within 24 hours We provide support in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish Extensive multi-media technical resources to help you We investigate all quality concerns to ensure our products perform to the highest standards If the product does not perform as described on this datasheet, we will offer a refund or replacement.


A special adaptive ontime control trades off the performance and efficiency over wide input voltage range. Features Applications Advantages Documents Equipment. Penalties for using higher inductor values include larger physical size and degraded load transient response especially at low input voltage levels.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Use internal layer s as ground plane s and shield the feedback trace from power traces and components.

VT Wall light, 12 W, lm, K, grey, IP65 at reichelt elektronik

This mode eliminates audio-frequency modulation that would otherwise be present when a lightly loaded controller automatically skips pulses. C1 voltage is equal to VOUT1 minus the diode drop. For a specific input voltage range, the switching cycle period is given by: The maximum current limit value is set externally as described in previous section. The on-time is kept the same as that in the heavy load condition.

When VOUT1 rises above 4. Maximum operating pressure until 5 bar methane 1 bar, LPG 5 bar.