Tube or Röhre ID, Triode, vacuum, Nuvistor and Universal shown. Radio tubes are valves. Find great deals for NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The nuvistor is a type of vacuum tube announced by RCA in Most nuvistors are basically – First one released, medium mu triode; – Sharp cutoff tetrode; – triode for low plate voltages; – triode, with plate cap & grid.

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They are the end stage of a miniaturisation process illustrated below that had continued from the ‘s in an effort to improve unvistor high frequency performance of RF amplifiers. Geloso’s advert indicating the use of Nuvistors in their range of TV sets.

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Views Read Edit View history. A Nuvistor was used in the plug-in wideband preamplifier module available for the Hewlett Packard L 50MHz counter-timer of the s. This low heater power implies a nyvistor and cheaper method of heater supply generation and less heat needed to be removed from the equipment’s enclosure.

Use in the Audio Studio One famous audio application of the Nuvistor was in the mids Ampex MR, a costly studio-grade 1-inch 4-track tape recorder whose entire electronics section was based on triodes and push-pull pairs of tetrodes. I thought I’d open up a Nuvistor and see how closely 77586 diagrams you can find on the Internet match reality. I don’t know whether these valves were mounted onto a PCB, or onto some form of tag-strip construction.

Although the human crew might receive a lethal dose of radiation it would take some time for them to finally succumb and the expectation was that they would try to complete their mission in that time. Having researched this subject I’m not sure this is true and hopefully after reading this article you’ll be able to form your own opinion.

These Russian wire-ended valves have the advantage that they do not need a socket, which in a high-reliability application such as a military aircraft is a major source of failure, and can be wired directly into circuit.

Valve Testers and Test Equipment So as not to obsolete their equipment the manufacturers of valve testers introduced adaptors nuvistorr new valve types, such as Nuvistors emerged. The valve was also given the service code CV Readers’ comments as to whether this is true would be welcome. Some sources of data that I use are: The nuvistor is a type of vacuum tube announced by RCA in The B9A-based valves tended to have higher heater currents, and nkvistor dissipated higher power.


The rigidness of the Nuvistor structure makes these valves very resistant to microphony, and hence they don’t generate and sustain uncontrolled acoustic feedback. Note that there are no mica spacers used to support and separate internal structures, as in ‘normal’ valves. These ‘short’ pins support the internal structure, along with the ‘long’ ones. Lower noise figures and higher frequency operation are obtained Tubes can handle momentary overloads while solid state devices generally will burn out.

They feature excellent VHF and UHF performance plus low noise figures, and were widely used throughout the s in television sets beginning with RCA’s “New Vista” line of color sets in with the CTC chassisradio and high-fidelity equipment primarily in RF sections, and oscilloscopes. I’m not sure how prospective constructors could get hold of the special socket for their Nuvistor, so this was a challenge in itself. Make sure you unvistor a source for the socket, otherwise you’ll struggle to connect to the tiny leads!

Nuvistor – Wikipedia

Radio Bygones Issue No. Tektronix also used nuvistors in several of its high end oscilloscopes of the s [2]before replacing them later with JFET transistors. The tetrode grid number 1 connection is made nuvistof the metal shell, giving a solid low inductance connection to the chassis in grounded-grid amplifiers.

Along with low noise nuvostor low power this is a key reason why they have been used in microphones, and also in high-quality audio pre-amplifiers.

7586 NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor

77586, being in the tube family, are high-impedance devices — circuit components are generally less expensive. The circuits were crude by today’s standards – they contained several transistors and a few resistors, but they were the first step nuvitor the road that has led to billions of transistors now being regularly deposited onto a single silicon chip.

TV designers in RCA moved their chassis to transistors as quickly as it was technically possible and commercially attractive, to take advantage of even greater miniaturisation, and lower costs and power. Twelve pins hence the ‘Twelvar’ name of the base protrude through the ceramic base, some nuvustor which are ‘long’ and form the connections to the heater, cathode, grid, anode and nivistor grid if fitted electrodes, and some are ‘short’ and barely protrude.

This adaptor plugged into the Octal socket on the tester. The 6CW4 is to the right of the chassis. From the date of this advert, the picture is probably an artist’s impression of a Mercury mission.

This solved any obsolescence issue as the was obtainable everywhere, and could easily be replaced if necessary as it was mounted in a socket.


The pins are integral with nuvistoe internal structure of the valve, and do not have welded connections onto internal leads connecting to the electrodes, as is the case with most previous valve designs. These microphones are still very well regarded and there are restoration services available to bring them back to pristine condition.

You can see the insulated lead spreader at the base.

Developmental models now being tried out by designers will have a profound effect on the size, appearance, and performance of electronic equipment for entertainment, communications, defense, and industry in the future.

On the internet there are many sources nufistor transliteration of the Russian alphabet that you might find useful: The ‘Nuvistor’ name was intended to evoke similarities to the words ‘new’ and ‘transistor’, presumably to help overcome bias against the use of ‘old fashioned’ valve technology. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Use in Sonobuoys The RCAand triodes, and power tetrode, were designed to operate in sonobuoys.

From the date of this advert, I’d say the picture is an artist’s impression of a Mercury one-man mission. As you can see the Nuvistor is considerably smaller than the 6AF4A. As it turned out Nuvistor technology was extremely useful, and found many applications for many more years: This picture shows very well the coaxial nature of the heater, cathode, grid and anode electrodes.

The Ranger series of unmanned spacecraft were launched between andand were the first US attempt to obtain close-up images of the Moon’s surface, in preparation for the manned landings at the end of the decade, as pledged by President Kennedy in The valve is made of metal and ceramic, which needed special manufacturing techniques beyond the molten glass handling and high vacuum technology more normally used for valve manufacture, which results in very low losses at high frequencies.

Conclusions Texas Instruments and Fairchild announced their development of the first integrated circuits in late Nuvistor Internals Inside view of a 6CW4, after a narrow ring of the case had been ground away so that it could be lifted clear.

Most nuvistors are basically thimble -shaped, but somewhat smaller than a thimble, and much smaller than conventional tubes of the day, almost approaching the compactness of early discrete transistor casings. Radio Valve and Transistor Data published by Iliffe.